The Busy Beaver – Reader Parts – LILLIAN H. SMITH (Toronto Central/Downtown)

busybeavercoverLillian H. Smith, at 239 College Street is our Central/Downtown Toronto StoryMob location!  

1:00pm – Free ‘The Busy Beaver’ Craft/Making session
2:30pm – StoryMobs Mustering/Rehearsal
3:30pm – Parade and ‘The Busy Beaver’ StoryMob
4:00pm – Approximate end of event

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The Busy Beaver (Read a copy online with all the illustrations here)
Written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland

Reader 1:  Noah
There once was a beaver who was so busy that he didn’t always think things through.

Reader 2:  Micah
This beaver’s carelessness was becoming a problem. His dams leaked, and he always made a mess of the forest – he left trees half-chewed, and, worse, he felled more than he needed.

Reader 3:
Perhaps worst of all, the beaver went about his work with so little thought that a tree landed right on top of a bear.

And once he even chewed a moose’s leg thinking it was a tree.

Reader 4:
The beaver was just that careless.

It was only a matter of time before something went terribly wrong.

Reader 5:
Sure enough, one day the beaver was so busy chewing on a tree that he failed to notice it was falling in his direction.

Reader 6:  Tristan M.O.
The beaver woke up in the hospital with a bent tail, two broken limbs, three cracked ribs, four big bruises, five sprained fingers, six twisted toes, seven little cuts, eight stinging scratches, nine sore muscles and ten nasty slivers.

Reader 7:
He had spent his entire life chewing, swimming and building. He had never sat still for a second. Now he could barely even scratch his nose.

Reader 8:
At first all the beaver could do was stare at the ceiling.

But little by little, he began to heal.

Reader 9:
With lots of rest, he regained his strength.

And before too long, he was trying out a pair of crutches.

Reader 10:
Eventually the beaver was able to hobble over to the window. This was the first time he noticed his leaky dam, the mess of trees he had left half-chewed, his friends’ bandages and a family of homeless birds.

Reader 11:
He realized he had a lot of work to do.

The next day, the beaver embarked on a rigorous rehabilitation program.

Reader 12:  Hayden
He got back on his feet…

Did lots of yoga…

And lifted weights.

Reader 13:
While he was at it, the beaver caught up on some important reading …

And practiced saying “I’m sorry”.

Soon enough he was ready to go home.

Reader 14:
The beaver’s friends were a little worried about his return to the forest. But despite their concerns, the beaver went straight to work.

Reader 15:
Before the beaver started his first project, he did a full tree inspection…

Checked to see if there were any animals in harm’s way…

And carried a frightened caterpillar to safety.

Reader 16:
Then the beaver went ahead and built the family of homeless birds a new nest.

Reader 17: Kai O.R.
Next the beaver apologized to his friends for being careless and causing so much damage.

Reader 18:
To show that he meant it, he made the bear a vase for his den.

And he built a canoe for the moose.

Reader 19:
The beaver’s final task was to clean up the mess he had made in the forest.

Reader 20:
He hauled off the trees he had left half-chewed…

Used the broken branches to fix his leaky dam…

And planted saplings to replace the trees he had felled.

Reader 21:
With the forest back in order, everyone was happier, including the beaver.

Reader 22:
His work done, the beaver got to thinking about what he might do next. He came up with lots of ideas as he got ready for bed that night.

Reader 23:
Maybe he would take a course on dam building …

Or start a band and go on tour …

Or take more naps. The beaver liked this idea best.

Reader 24:
Being busy doing good work was exhausting. With a yawn, the beaver laid his head down on a soft bed of leaves and fell right to sleep.

Reader 25: Lua O.R.
All that was left for the beaver to do was dream… The End.