Gretel Meyer Odell – StoryMobs’s Marvelous Mastermind & Co-Producer
Gretel grew up consuming books like they were oxygen while bottle-feeding orphan lambs on a small farm on Prince Edward Island. She moved to the big city and spent 15 years bringing stories to life as a professional theatre stage manager. Now she has her own business (Fancy Pants Kids) designing fantastic dress-up costumes for children. In addition to selling her designs, she offers creative costume parties, costume collection rentals and costume/literacy workshops for children. You may have seen some of her fantastic creations in the Discovery Galleries at the Royal Ontario Museum, where kids can try on her costumes and use their imaginations to bring history to life. Gretel is also the Education and Marketing Manager of Roseneath Theatre, a professional theatre company that creates and tours social justice-based plays to school children throughout Ontario and beyond.  She has two amazingly creative sons, a charming husband, a huge dog and an assortment of other odd beasts. Even with her over-sized imagination, she cannot even begin to imagine a better family.

Roxanne Deans – Queen of Books & Co-Producer
RoxanneComing from a family of bibliophiles (her grandmother wore out two libraries) and an avid reader since birth, Roxanne has become a true book addict and a pusher of all things books. A Toronto native, she spent 15 years treading the boards as an actor and theatre producer before switching gears to hide amongst the stacks of her bookstore Roxanne Reads New and Used Books. Although she closed her shop in 2010, Roxanne has recently launched her new vision for Roxanne Reads as a unique and interactive online community of readers and book lovers that aims to be the GO-TO place for literary lovers of all kinds.

Gabby Morton-Jones – Vivacious Video Virtuoso
IMG_9127Gabby is a ‘fingers in all pies’, kind of person. She really just loves to create and have wonderful things to show for her time. Her most beautiful creation of all has been her family, which just like most things she relishes, was born intensely fast, in grand fashion, creating absolute chaos along the way. A husband and 3 children in 5 years and she is still waiting to catch her breath.  But this is unlikely as motherhood seems to have supercharged the creative beast in Gabby which she is now trying to channel on a daily basis.  She is a filmmaker by trade having produced, directed edited and shot news, documentaries and drama. Recently she cut 2 documentaries for City TV about Canadian music programmes in Kenya and Rwanda.  Now whilst at home with her tribe, she is using all kinds of mediums to bring her big ideas to life. She is an avid seamstress, dabbling illustrator, committed Storymobber and is also working with the midwives, to film and document their partnership with the Tanzanian Association of Midwifery.

Claudia Dávila – StoryMobs Doodler & Illustrator Extraordinaire
If you take an illustrator, writer, cartoonist, book designer, dreamer, baker, gardener, ecologist, idealist, fatalist, student, teacher, mother and daughter and squish her into one person, you might end up with Claudia Dávila. She works from home in Toronto with her husband and kindergartener always nearby, designing kids’ books for Owlkids Books. Her first written and illustrated graphic novels were Luz Sees the Light and Luz Makes a Splash, and she’s currently working on a children’s picture book with Kids Can Press, and an early teen novel with Tundra Books. For fun, she makes plans for how to ready herself, her community, and the planet, for an uncertain but exciting post-oil future.

Megan Richards – Website Wonder Woman and IT Whiz
Orange Pirate StoryMobber
Megan exists in a world where her left brain and right brain collaborate on a daily basis. If she is not supporting her clients with their servers, backup and data recovery she could be researching the best red velvet cake pops to make for her children. Born in Victoria, BC, a high school exchange year in Yokohama, Japan led to acheiving a degree in Pacific and Asian studies, a four year residency in Japan working at various jobs, travelling and learning the language. Not being done with very big urban centres, she then moved to London UK, performing multiple management positions for Hilton International Hotels. Her travel bug didn’t end there, next stop was the Big Apple, where she worked in sales for New York Apple tours and started a web design business. Some years later, Megan’s next stop was Toronto, home of her favourite (and only) sister as well as many childhood friends. There she met her fabulous husband while working at CBC Radio. Now a mother of two lovely boys, she is an independent IT Consultant, with an increasing collection of tech gear that only a lefty/righty could truly love.

Cherie Oldenburg – Master Page Master
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Sarah Couture McPhail – Craftiest Craft Maven Ever
Missing Tooth
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