“If I Had a Gryphon” Reader Parts

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If I Had a Gryphon
Written by Vikki VanSickle
Illustrated by Cale Atkinson

READER 1:  Mackenzie
Last week I got a hamster.
My first and only pet.
He mostly eats and sleeps and hides
And gets his shavings wet.

READER 2:  Cynthia
If only I could have a pet
With strange, exotic powers,
I know that I’d find lots to do
To while away the hours.

READER 3: Samantha
If I had a unicorn,
I’d braid her silky mane.
I’d make her silver horseshoes
That tinkled in the rain.

READER 4: Kathleen
We’d prance through fields of posies
And nibble nectarines.
I’d shine her horn with candy corn
To get a starry sheen.

READER 5:  William
Unicorns are pretty,
But they’re also very shy.
On second thought,
I’d like to give a hippogriff a try.

READER 6:  Carmen
A hippogriff needs lots to do,
Like RUN and JUMP and FETCH.
I’d take him to the dog park
To give his wings a stretch.

READER 7:  Tayla & Torin
Though a hippogriff is tons of fun,
The dogs might find him scary.
And when it comes to playing ball,
Well, things could get quite hairy.

READER 8:  Michelle
Perhaps I’ll get a sasquatch
With burly, curly fur.
But then I’d spend three hours a day
Attacking SNARLS and BURRS.

READER 9:  Piyush
If I had a gryphon,
I’d love each flashing feather.
But she needs flying EVERY day,
Regardless of the weather.

READER 10:  Prateek
If I had a kraken,
We’d swim and deep-sea dive,
But I would need a scuba suit
In order to survive.

READER 11:  Saheel
If I had a dragon
With a temperamental SNOUT,
I’d need a fire extinguisher
To put her sneezes out.

Kirin needs a field of grass
At least an ocean wide.
Jackalope needs sturdy reins
For bumpy, jumpy rides.

READER 13A: Irene
Phoenix needs a chimney nest
That’s smoke and fire proof.

READER 13B: Claire
Manticore needs special floss
For EACH and EVERY tooth.

Harpies are too screechy;
Chupacabras like to bite.
Fairies play too many tricks
And kelpies hate the light.

READER 15:  Koshin
Basilisk is slippery;
Chimera likes to scratch.
Mermaids brush their hair all day
And sprites are hard to catch.

Perhaps a hamster’s not so bad.
In fact, he’s rather sweet.
I love his furry belly
And his teeny, tiny feet.

READER 17:  Rafidah
He may not be a gryphon,
Or a creature from the sea,
But I am his and he is mine
And that’s enough for me.

The End.