What is a StoryMob?

StoryMobs are where great kids’ books meet flash mobs with a dash of Mardi Gras thrown in.  A story mob is inspired by an exceptional children’s book and allows for participation in a variety of ways. These may include costumes & props, copies of the book, simple choreography, musical instruments and vocal parts.  StoryMobs are primarily aimed at families, but warmly welcome the involvement of book-lovers, flash mob-enthusiasts and fun folks of all ages. There will be a variety of roles for anyone who would like to take part. StoryMobs is a free event.  Like other flash mobs, StoryMobs appear out of nowhere in an apparently spontaneous way, in a busy public space, at a (quietly) designated time and then disperse without any additional fanfare after they have finished.

(Our first ‘satellite’ StoryMob in Wolfville, NS on September 7, 2013)


‘Where the Wild Things Are’ July 13, 2013 – Photo by Allison Caroline Smith

Check our Calendar page for current dates.

Participants can get all relevant information and instructions right here on this website and are encouraged to share the website link with friends and others who may wish to join in.

Want to help us with this great project in any capacity? Contact us! We welcome photographers, videographers, performing arts professionals, marketing geniuses, media mavens, philanthropic bibliophiles and savvy individuals of all talents to help us grow this exciting literary phenomenon.


‘Jillian Jiggs’ July 27, 2013 – Photo by Rob Harding