How it works

'The Paper Bag Princess' August 17, 2013 - credit Robert Harding

‘The Paper Bag Princess’ August 17, 2013 – credit Robert Harding

Sounds like crazy fun, doesn’t it? Now start by checking our calendar for any upcoming StoryMobs and be sure to mark them in your calendar so you can start planning. Look for the StoryMobs Prep Sheet for each event, which will list the available Reader Parts, the actions and group participation we have planned, and a list of possible props or costumes you could prepare/bring. It is very important that you sign up for update notices (just over on the right), so we can send you all the new (and secret) details as they emerge! [We promise your email address will only be used for this purpose and you can easily unsubscribe in future.]

BookWormYou are encouraged to bring a copy of the book to read from and share with those around you. The more copies of the book we have in the crowd, the bigger the impact will be and the easier it will be for spectators to understand what is happening. If you don’t have a copy of the book, request a copy from your public library or consider purchasing a copy from your local independent bookseller.

After the StoryMob is over you might consider donating the book to the library or a local charity.

'Where the Wild Things Are' July 13, 2013 - photo credit Allison Caroline Smith

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ July 13, 2013 – photo credit Allison Caroline Smith

Be sure to read the story and review the StoryMob Prep Sheet.  Discuss what items you might want to bring, wear and plan for your props and costumes. Each StoryMob book’s information page will have great suggestions for easy and fun ways to prepare and participate (from the very simple to wild and ambitious).


‘Jillian Jiggs’ July 27, 2013 – photo credit Rob Harding

Take a look at some of the special roles that are listed on each page and think about whether you or one of your party might like to take something on. Get in touch with us directly if you are volunteering to read a page, as we try to assign readers in advance and can later confirm who will be present on StoryMob day.

Have fun preparing for the StoryMob and be sure to share the details of this exciting event with all of your friends. We would be delighted to have participants of ALL AGES! Welcome families, welcome teachers, welcome librarians, welcome butchers and bakers and candlestick makers. Join us for our adventure and celebrate the love of reading together.