About ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are is a children’s picture book by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, originally published in 1963 by Harper & Row.

The story focuses on a young boy named Max, who, after dressing in his wolf costume, wreaks havoc through his household and is disciplined by being sent to his bedroom. As he feels frustration with his mother’s punishment, Max’s bedroom suddenly undergoes a mysterious transformation into a wild jungle, and he sails off to an island inhabited by scary monsters known as the “Wild Things.” After successfully intimidating the creatures, Max is hailed as the king of the Wild Things and enjoys a playful romp with his subjects. However, he soon realises he that he misses home, to the Wild Things’ dismay. So he decides to leave the Wild Things behind and travel home. After arriving in his bedroom, Max discovers a hot supper waiting for him.

Where_The_Wild_Things_AreThere is lots of information about the book and Maurice Sendak online, but we’ve included the link to the wiki page here as a start.

The book has been adapted into other media, including an animated short in 1973 (with an updated version in 1988); a 1980 opera; and a live-action 2009 feature-film adaptation. The book had sold close to 20 million copies worldwide.

Please enjoy the beautiful 1973 animated short here, as well as the trailer from the 2009 film by Spike Jonze here.  

And just for the heck of it, click here for an interpretive reading of the book by Christopher Walken (please keep in mind this is geared for our grown up audience).