About ‘Boy Soup’ by Loris Lesynski

‘Boy Soup’ is written by Loris Lesynski and illustrated by Michael Martchenko
It was published by Annick Press in 1996.

book coverWhen Giant wakes up with a giant cold, he turns to his home medical guide for help. The prescription? A bowl of Boy Soup. Catching the boys is easy, but what he doesn’t count on is Kate. Accidentally kidnapped along with the boys, clever Kate convinces Giant that what the guide really means is a soup made by boys, not one with boys in it.

Kate and the boys proceed to concoct a particularly nasty broth:

They put in
some mud
and some thick yellow glue
and a generous dollop of dandruff shampoo.

Giant spits out the soup with a mighty blast, which carries the children to safety. The happily-ever-after ending sees Kate and the boys opening up their own restaurant (minus Boy Soup) and Giant learning a valuable lesson.

(summary courtesy of Annick Press website)

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