Mr. Zinger’s Hat – Mustering Location Revealed!

Where to Go?
The Mustering Location is tucked in between The Power Plant and Harbourfront Centre. If you follow Lower Simcoe Street straight past the Green P sign toward the lake you will find us, right beside the bike racks (see map and photos for a guide). We will muster and rehearse and then parade past the Natrel Pond into the Kids Street section of the Festival, landing near the TD Kids Literature Tent.


We’ve let Cary Fagan know we are coming and he can’t wait to see what we’ve come up with! If you have a copy of Mr. Zinger’s Hat with you (or you can pick one up from the One Book giveaway table), I am sure he would be thrilled to sign it for you. We’re looking forward to having our picture taken with him too.

20150925_155224 20150925_155438When to Go?
Here is tomorrow’s schedule:

12:00pm: Volunteers, photographers and keeners who need extra time to organize their props and costumes meet beside The Power Plant. Some of the StoryMobs team will be arriving earlier (11:30 am) to put the final plans in place for our parade and StoryMob.

12:30pm (sharp!): Official Mustering (we meet, greet and practice for the StoryMob).

1:30pm: Parade – we will parade from The Power Plant, gathering an audience en route to our StoryMob location.

1:40pm (approx): StoryMob performance (lasts 10-20 minutes).

2:00pm: StoryMobbers disperse – go off and enjoy the rest of The Word on the Street Festival.

* We still have a few reader parts available, so if you didn’t get a chance to sign up yet, don’t worry. Any unassigned parts will be given out by Cherie, our Page Master on Sunday starting at 12:30pm. *

There is no rain predicted – but Mother Nature has been known to surprise us in the past. We are planning to go ahead rain or shine, but if you aren’t sure, you might want to bring an umbrella or raincoat just in case. The Festival also has an indoor area, so we can always head inside if need be.

Please look for our Page Master, Cherie when you arrive at 12:30 pm, she will make sure you have a script and if you don’t have a line, she will assign any lines still available.

I’m a Volunteer…what should I do?
Please arrive by 12:00 pm to help sort out props, help with waiver signing, handing out scripts etc.

I don’t have a copy of the book…
We just might be able to help you with that…courtesy of Penguin Random House (limited quantity…first come, first served) and when we run out of books, we have copies of the ‘script’.

What if I’m running late or can’t make it?
If you are a reader or a volunteer, please call or text us if you are going to be late or are unable to attend.

Roxanne – 416-670-6074
Carmen – 416-835-7358

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