2 week Countdown to “The Mitten” Blast-off!!

Will the mitten explode?  Help us tell the story flash mob style!

Sunday, February 15
The Mitten
by Jan Brett

If you haven’t heard, the HarbourKIDS Skating Festival would like us to do a StoryMob at the event!  Of course we will! 

Schedule (Sunday, February 15th)

12:30pm Craft Session – Join Carmen, Heather, Sarah and the rest of our fantastic StoryMobs crew for a FREE props-making craft session inside the Lakeside Terrace (inside the Bill Boyle Artport) as part of the HarbourKIDS Skating Festival.

2:00pm Mustering – StoryMobs mustering & rehearsal (inside), culminating in our parade and StoryMob (outside) at 3:00pm.

3:00pm Parade and StoryMob

Volunteers for StoryMob Day

Please email us if you are willing to help us out on StoryMob day. We will give you a simple task that will not prevent you from participating fully in and enjoying the StoryMob.  Is anyone willing to be the event photographer or videographer?

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Prop & Costume Ideas

We encourage you to bring all of your own ideas but if you need some inspiration you can find craft ideas here.  Make some at home and join us for our craft session before the event which will be full of supplies, ideas, helpers and variety.  Tell us about your preparations via Facebook and Twitter.

BIG Thanks!
To Penguin Canada / Random House and Scholastic Canada for supporting StoryMobs – we’ll have some loot bags for participants after the event!

What to Bring:

– Warm Clothes
– Costumes, props, any pre-made items
– The Book:  If you are able to join us, it would be great if you could bring along a copy of “The Mitten’. We will do our best to bring library copies with us for you to borrow as well.  The story looks so fantastic with many copies of the book. (The board book however, doesn’t have all of the text so you’ll want to find the full version)
– White mittens (if possible)
– Skates if you’d like to skate after

Reader Parts still available – Sign up now!

Coveted reader parts are starting to be picked up by our excited participants – Take a look at the parts and email Heather, our Page Master to make your requests soon.  We will save a few parts for surprised Skating Festival participants who would like to join in the fun as well! Even if you don’t want to read a part, come join us for the story and all of the Harbourfront fun anyway!






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