One week to Meatballs!

FoodPile_View3_weboptSaturday, April 19th we celebrate

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett

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1. Choose and Reserve your Reader Part!
The script is posted and reader parts are up for grabs. See the available parts here and email Cherie, our Page Master to request your lines.

2. StoryMob day craft session

On StoryMob day (April 19th) at 11:00am, StoryMobs and TIFF Kids will co-host a free pre-StoryMob crafts session at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Our talented Craft Maven, Sarah and her team of volunteers will provide you with materials and (if needed) inspiration to create some fun food-related props for the StoryMob. No charge for this one hour drop-in session, generously sponsored by TIFF Kids.  When you arrive at TIFF Bell Lightbox, take the elevators to the 4th floor and look for the signs to direct you to us. The StoryMob mustering and rehearsal will be at 1pm (in the same location) and we will conduct our final StoryMob at 2pm. Plan to grab your lunch between 12 and 1pm if you are participating in the craft session as well as the StoryMob!

3. Prop & Costume Ideas

 ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’ has unparalleled potential for prop and costume participation.  Here are a few ideas – but we know you’ll have lots of your own too!
-cats and dogs are mentioned twice, you could be either…or both!
-dress up like objects in the illustrations (food, food, food)
-dress up like a Chewandswallow Sanitation Dept worker
-make food items out of any medium and use as handprops, signs, hats or costumes
-the ocean factors into the story twice, find ways to help us create the feeling or look of water
-make signs inspired by the book (sign for the town of Chewandswallow, advertisements for services this town would need, comments on the weather/weather forecaster, etc.)
-bring (unbreakable) plates, forks, spoons, napkins, cups, spatulas to help create the scene
-a giant pancake?
-we will be throwing toast (homage to Rocky Horror Picture Show) please bring handmade crafted toast  (that won’t injure anyone) rather than the real thing so we don’t leave crumbs all over the TIFF Bell Lightbox!

*Please remember to avoid bringing any items from home that are breakable or precious

4. Volunteers for StoryMob Day
Please email us if you are willing to help us out on StoryMob day. We will give you a simple task that will not prevent you from participating fully in and enjoying the StoryMob.  We need volunteers to help with the 11am craft session and the 1pm Mustering and StoryMob.

5. TIFF Pocket Fund

TIFF has created a great charitable program that helps to bring kids from under served communities to TIFF to be able to participate in screenings and activities there.  We encourage you to read more about the program and consider making a donation.

6. Thank you!
StoryMobs salutes Simon & Schuster Canada for their generous support of our StoryMob.