Gruffalo Goodness

Thanks to StoryMobber Sydney Hill (pictured here with the Gruffalo) for kindly sharing the photos in this post with us.

Thanks to StoryMobber Sydney Hill (pictured here with the Gruffalo) for kindly sharing the photos in this post with us.

What a fantastic StoryMob we had  on Saturday last!  Huge thanks to Sharon Andic and the other librarians at North York Central Library for welcoming us and allowing us to parade LOUDLY through the library.  More props to Chris, Tim, Maya, Lauren and all the other folks at Small Print Toronto who co-produced this StoryMob with us, sponsored the craft session (and perhaps had a little to do with the appearance of our surprise guest).  Thanks to Tonia, Richard, Christine and Clare for volunteering to help on the day.  And lastly, thank you so much to Melissa Zilberberg and Harper Collins Canada for giving our surprise guest a ride to the party and providing some beautiful 15th anniversary editions of ‘The Gruffalo’ that some lucky families were able to take home.


DSC03914Isaac Meyer Odell and Sarah Jordan kindly photographed the event for us. View their beautiful photos at the links below.
Isaac’s Craft Session Photos
Isaac’s Mustering, Parade and StoryMob Photos
Isaac’s Surprise Guest Photos
Sarah’s StoryMob Photos

We ask that you kindly credit our photographers if you are sharing any of their images. 

What’s Next for StoryMobs?

DSC03895It’s been a wild and fantastic ride these last 8 months.  We’ve produced 8 wonderful StoryMobs in that time, seen two more happen in other parts of the country and have more than a half dozen more StoryMobs being planned across Canada and the US right now!  Roxanne and Gretel are cooking up some more exciting events for the spring and early summer to surprise you with.  To allow us to focus on some of the work that needs to happen to build a stronger foundation for this growing literary phenomenon and to grow our volunteer base to help support the project, we are going to postpone the originally scheduled February StoryMobs Sr. event.  Don’t worry there will be more StoryMobs, for both the small mobbers and the Big Mobbers!  We will keep you all informed of what is coming up next.  Please be in touch with us if you would like to volunteer some time behind the scenes on this project.