The Pigs and the Wolves Took on Toronto!

IMG_9972 Hooray for all the great families that joined us on Saturday for our ‘The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs’ StoryMob!  We had nearly 100 participants and the whole affair had a great spirit of fun as ‘Team Pig’ squared off against ‘Team Wolf’.

IMG_9933We had a rolicking march from our mustering location to Dundas Square, with spirited chanting and waving of homemade signs.

At Dundas Square, we were asked to turn off our microphone, so it was hard to hear the smallest voices over the noise of the traffic, but everyone gamely pressed on and raised their voices higher and higher.

Photographer, Shirin Hariri caught some beautiful moments and has kindly shared her photos with us.  All of the images included in this email are hers and you can see more on our StoryMobs’ Flickr photostream. We ask that you please credit our photographers if you are sharing any of their images.

Please note, there are way too many wonderful photos of all our participants to post them all on this page.  If you were at our StoryMob, we have your photo!  Click on the Flickr link above to see all the photos!

IMG_9878Thank you again to Penguin Canada for kindly providing copies of ‘The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs’ to all of the families who came on Saturday!  Your generosity was greatly appreciated by all who attended!IMG_9851

IMG_9911 IMG_9903 IMG_9902 IMG_9896  IMG_9850  IMG_9729 IMG_9740 IMG_9686 IMG_9687 IMG_9701IMG_9837IMG_9917IMG_9745IMG_9779And finally, a special thanks to Gabby Morton Jones, our intrepid videographer!  She is responsible for capturing the magic and puts countless hours into creating our StoryMobs videos.  If you want to explain to someone what StoryMobs are all about, why not show them her ‘Paper Bag Princess’ and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ videos?


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