Jillian Jiggs – July 27, 2013

IMG_0441We came, we braved the ominous skies, we brought our cardboard box robots, pirate swords, fairy wings, pots and pans and other fantastic props and costumes.  Some of us toddled unsteadily throughout the crowd and others showed a flash of white hair under their fearsome pirate wigs.  It was beautiful and full of life and fun!  Thank you Rob Harding for taking all of the fantastic photos we have to share.  See the full set on our Flickr photostream.

A long time ago, when she was quite small…Jillian Jiggs wore nothing at all!


They cackled like witches, they stirred and they boiled…


They tip-toed and twirled like little, light fairies…IMG_0414

I’m mad about boxes, boxes are fun!


…and then they were royalty, pampered and spoiled



Let’s dress up as pirates, tie sails to the bed!


Heave ho, you landlubbers.  Full speed ahead!


Whenever they thought that was it, she was through…she’d change all their costumes and start something new!



All photos by Rob Harding .  See the full set on our Flickr photostream.

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